Meet Our Team

  • Ryan Jensen
    Cove Manager

    I spent my childhood in Northern California and grew up in a home where much of what we ate came from our backyard garden. Wanting to stay connected to food and how it affects our world I studied Environmental Science and Public Policy in College as well us received a degree from Western Culinary Institute.
    I have been working directly in the restaurant industry since 2000 and with Bon Appetit since 2005. I have worked at the Adidas Campus and Lewis and Clark College accounts prior to joining the team at UP.
    I believe food security on a global level will radically affect us in our lifetime. Having the opportunity to share ways we can all work to support positive change in our food system gives me hope we can face the challenge together. Bon Appetit gives me a chance to have an impact on the purchasing and consumption patterns of future consumers; which is in my mind one of the most critical steps to move us toward a sustainable food future.

  • Tim Green
    Cove Head Chef

    I have been cooking as long as I can remember my passion for food and the kitchen started when I first picked up a knife and fired up the grill in my uncle’s restaurant. My first job taught me not only how to cook, but also how to take pride in the food that I cook.
    I have worked in kitchens all over the Portland area. I started with Bon Appetit here at UP back in 2011 and have loved every minute of working here. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I feel very connected to this region and I enjoy working with the local farmers and producers to bring healthy alternatives to the students, staff & faculty of UP.
    I am proud to work for Bon Appetit because it is committed to sustainability and sourcing food from local growers and producers. As a chef I also appreciate how bon Appetit encourages culinary creativity on a level not seen in other institutional food service operations.


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  • Kirk Mustain
    General Manager

    As the General Manager of Bon Appetit here at the University of Portland I am lucky to come to work every day and work side by side with all of the talented and creative staff that work hard to prepare, cook and serve over 4000 meals a day. A University environment is also a refreshing place to work, while we are able to teach the next generation to look at food in a new light, we also learn from the students and their fresh perspectives.
    Born and raised in California I have worked in the Foodservice industry since I was 14 years old. I spent 18 years working in kitchens all over the country, studied at culinary school here in Portland and at the CIA in Napa Valley California, the last 15 years I have worked “out-front” managing the operation as a whole.
    I have been working for Bon Appetit since 1992; over these past 20+ years I have been proud to watch Bon Appetit truly change food service in this country. Being part of a company that works tirelessly to build better relationships with our farmers and change how food is purchased and prepared keeps me coming back year after year.

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  • James Green
    Executive chef

    As the Executive Chef here at UP I spend my days not only cooking but also helping to create an environment of success for the amazing staff that works for Bon Appetit. Yes, Bon Appetit is at the top of the game with sustainability and serving healthy, environmentally conscious food. But what pushes me each day, what I am proud of are the relationships that I have been able to foster working here at the University of Portland. Over my years here we have built great relationships with not only the Bon Appetit staff and local farmers and producers but also with the faculty, staff and student body on campus.
    Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I started working in my family’s restaurant at the age of 12. I learned the business from the ground up; bussing tables, washing dishes and of course cooking on the line. I first started with Bon Appetit at the OHSU campus in 1995, after two years I moved to the University of Portland as the sous chef and have been here ever since.
    Each new school year is a chance to start fresh, to re-invent what we do here. I am excited to continue my journey with Bon Appetit and the University of Portland; working closely with the local farmers and producers as well as the staff here to provide the highest quality food available for our clients.


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  • Tamee Flanagan
    Operations Manager

    I spent my childhood in Indiana and California, but Portland has been my home now for almost 20 years. Some of my best memories as a child were cooking and canning with the family, food has always been an important part of my life but it took me a while to land in foodservice as a career.
    I spent years working in various places as a welder, pipefitter and engineer. Before working for Bon Appetit I also spent time as a loan processor, bartender and cook.
    I was lucky to join the University of Portland Bon Appetit Family in 1999 and have worked for the company ever since, here and at our OMSI operation. Bon Appetit at UP is more than just a job for me, the people here are my family.
    I am proud to work for Bon Appetit because of what the company stands for; healthy and delicious food, made with social impact in mind. I feel fortunate each day to come to work and do my part to serve restaurant quality food while still thinking critically about protecting our resources for my children and our future generations.

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  • Vickie Long
    Director of Catering

    Born and raised in Huntington Beach California my food service experience started at 17 as a hostess, but my passion for food started when I worked in a 4 star restaurant, serving only the finest cuisine.
    Along with attending college and raising a family I have spent 30+ years in the food service industry, the last 16 of which have been with Bon Appetit here at the University of Portland.
    I cannot imagine working for another company or at another account. Bon Appetit gives us the knowledge and tools to provide great food but also do our part for a better tomorrow. I have built strong ties with my clients here and am so familiar with their needs that sometimes I feel like I can read their minds. What makes them happy makes me happy. The school and Bon Appetit have more than just a client/provider relationship; we are truly a family.


  • Brian Armstrong
    Catering Operations Manager

    I grew up in Virginia, the home of Smithfield ham, blue crabs, and Suffolk peanuts. My passion for food began when I was young in Virginia Beach with my family. Home cooked meals using wholesome ingredients from farmers markets was not as popular back then but it was just as delicious! I received my BS from Old Dominion University while working full time in the food service industry.
    After moving to Portland, I began working for Bon Appetit at Reed College in 2012. I love being able to say I serve local, sustainable, environmentally, and ethically conscious food. Seeing a local farmer drop off apples, pears, or wild chanterelles reminds me of the kind of company I work for. Commitment to delicious and real food like I remember from my childhood makes me proud to work for Bon Appetit!


  • Darrell Veltkamp

    Originally from Bozeman Montana, I spent 4 years in the Navy, completing one tour in Vietnam aboard the USS America. After the Navy I attended college at the University of Nevada and graduated in 1975 with a Major in Accounting and minor in Finance & Economics. Before Bon Appetit I worked a number of different jobs; from entry level accounting, to CFO positions in a variety of industries. I first started working with Bon Appetit, here at the University of Portland in 2006.
    From my very first job at age 13, working as a dish washer at Montana State University I learned that to do food service right it required hard work, a great product and exceptional service from exceptional people. All of these elements exist in the culture of Bon Appetit. That is why I love working for this company. The mission of Bon Appetit is to provide uncompromising quality; both food and service, a rarity in institutional food service these days.

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  • Caroline Ferguson

    Need help with a sustainability related initiative or want to know more about Bon Appétit’s national commitments to sourcing and operating as sustainably as possible? Contact Caroline, your regional Fellow. Read more about Caroline and her interest in food issues here!